The Little Match Girl – A Chamber Opera

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s poignant portrayal of a dying beggar girl on New Year’s Eve in an unnamed city, The Little Match Girl Chamber Opera is an operatic parable of the crisis of spiritual identity in the modern era. This opera is a 90-minute tour de force of human emotion. It contains more inspired, memorable melody than any opera since Puccini.

The Premiere performance of the Opera was held in Paris to great acclaim on June 20, 2013 on the eve of the annual Festival of Music.

A series of ads in national and international opera and other publications, including French and German versions, were used to promote the highly successful Paris debut of this unique musical event.



This web site, together with a series of ads in national and international opera and other publications, including French and German versions, were used to promote the highly successful Paris debut of this unique musical event. The site included ticket information. It has since been updated to reflect the success of the event … and to set the stage for the next production from the Opera’s talented author.

© 2020 Mike Cobb Creative

© 2020 Mike Cobb Creative