Public Sector/Non-Profits

DALY CITY — MCC has developed a variety of materials for the City of Daly City, including: marketing support for the Redevelopment Agency and Mission Street merchants … design, editing, and production of the quarterly Fog Cutter Newsletter … a general multi-language Brochure with a large fold-out city map provided to all new residents — a complete guide to the  city … and design, production, and editing of the annual Water Quality Control Report.

CITY OF PALO ALTO — MCC has done extensive work for the City of Palo Alto, including: Logos … a special and unique logo for the Enjoy! program of activities; the quarterly Enjoy! Catalog of city classes and activities; … Brochures — we provided design, copy, and production for brochures for each of three community centers, and for athletic facilities and parks. One side of the Parks brochure doubled as a poster which provided a colorful map of the City with a photograph and location for each park, including icons to indicate available services.

WEST COAST ATHLETIC CONFERENCE — we created a 12-page, full color general image  brochure or use on all eight WCAC campuses. Great care was taken to provide a balanced presentation where each school … and each sport … received comparable treatment and priority. The cover graphic blended photographs of each campus into one composite picture. We also provided a WCAC logo products brochure catalog  and advertising for a sports special event.

CITY OF SAN CARLOS — we provided design, copy, and production for an award-winning brochure prepared to help the City of San Carlos market its two public facilities available for rental. A simple but attractive presentation was needed to appeal to a diverse audience for a wide range of special events.