MIKE COBB CREATIVE — We begin with this, our own website, which, as you can see, showcases a selection of our work over more than two decades of successfully servicing a wide range of clients. This site features many graphics, sliders and fade ins. As with contemporary websites, it is responsive to desktops and mobile devices.

KOHLER ARCHITECTS — The Kohler Architects site emphasizes the firm’s long and successful history, strong capabilities, and extensive portfolio of homes.  The landing page features a dynamic version of the disctinctive Kohler logo ­— a MCC design for this long time client.

THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL OPERA —  A unique, simple website about an original opera based on a classic children’s story.  Originally set up to announce the Paris premiere, and then modified to provide the opportunity to order music from the opera online.

INSPIRED LEARNING — The Inspired Learning website features a three photo slider for the landing page that tells the story in pictures and words of the connection between tutoring, success in school, and graduation.  It also includes complete course descriptions (with graphics), online registration, and much more.

COMMNITY COALITION ON HIGH SPEED RAIL — ThE CC-HSR site carries the message of a community organization dedicated to addressing and presenting. for both the public and elected officials,  information about the many serious community-impacting  presented by the California HSR project.  (Full disclosure, Mike Cobb is a founding member of the CC-HSR Board.)