AWT — MCC developed a wide range of materials for AWT ranging from their logo and company identity to advertising, marketing brochures, CD labels, and display booth design.  AWT technology provides weather systems information to guide ships at sea. Our designs used nautical theme and colors, including isobars and isotherms found on weather maps.

CANARY COMMUNICATIONS — Over a number of years, we produced a variety of materials for Canary, a manufacturer of electronic components with a constantly changing product line, including trade advertising, data sheets, brochures, CD labels, and product catalogs. We sometimes used outer space symbols to create a strong visual impact for their many products.

LATTICE 3D — MCC’s strong technical background was very valuable in presenting and describing Lattice3D’s complex technology.  We updated and modernized their previous logo and applied it to a wide range of marketing materials including a striking brochure, product data sheets, and a trade show display.

ELECTRIC POWER RESEARCH INSTITUTE — MCC wrote, designed, and produced data sheets and high-end brochures for EPRI. The brochures feature dramatic photographs, drop quotes, and clean, direct design; the data sheets used MCC cartoons to illustrate concepts.

SUN MICROSYSTEMS — MCC provided copy, design, production, and coordinated mailing distribution for a Sun Microsystems newsletter with international distribution.