EMPLOYEE BENEFITS — a number of full color ads with the theme “When only the best will do” were designed and produced for Vita, a prestigious firm in the employee benefits field.

ELECTRONICS— one of a series of ads in national publications promoting a specialized line of Canary Communications  electronic  equipment. Designed to give the ads a distinctive look that would stand out in publications vs. more conventional technology ads.

ENTERTAINMENT — a series of ads in national and international opera and other publications, including French and German versions, were used to promote the highly successful Paris debut of The Little Match Girl Opera, a unique musical event.

TECHNOLOGY — in addition to ads for this innovative technology company, we also provided their logo and marketing brochures.

AUTOMOTIVE — this ad was created to directly appeal to Alfa Romeo car owners by a shop specializing in that marque. We also designed the Silicon Valley  Performance logo.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES — ads for Morton Associates, a respected local accounting firm, have ranged from business development to public service messages. We also did their website and company identity materials.

POLITICAL — MCC has done the advertising and other media for a great many political campaigns with a very strong track record of success.

ATHLETICS — MCC created ads promoting registration for a basketball championship event for the West Coast Athletic Conference. We also created a very high end, multi-page marketing brochure featuring all the colleges in the conference.

REAL ESTATE — this eye-catching Holiday ad for the mother/daughter real estate agent team was an attractive seasonal greeting to an audience in a strong residential real estate market where the persona of the agent(s) is an important draw.

CONSUMER — MCC created ads for a jewelry estate sale for a prominent Bay Area Jewelry company.