Construction/Real Estate

DAVID BOWER BUILDER — MCC enjoyed a two decade relationship with this prestige providing a full range of marketing communications support for different iterations of his business as it evolved in different forms over the years.  Initially, we provided a very unique logo for his MAC & LOU CONSTRUCTION where we created a logo with two old fashioned characters in sepia to suggest craftsmen from an earlier time.  Later, he established DAVID BOWER BUILDERS for which we created a new logo, brochure, web site, signage, advertising, and more.  Finally, we created a special card for his post-retirement consulting activities.

MacDONALD CONSTRUCTION— MCC created a first-time image and web site for this long-time in preparation for the marketing and sale of the company to foreign investors.

MILROY CONSTRUCTION —MCC created a unique logo for that used a plumb bob graphic to ‘point’ to the M in their name … a graphic element carried through their business system and marketing materials. The Milroy brochure used a die-cut M to give a peek inside the brochure to draw the reader in.

DYCON — One of many MCC written and designed brochures for construction firms large and small, serving markets from commercial buildings to homes.