APPLIED WEATHER TECHNOLOGY — This logo uses the graphic language of weather maps … including the symbols for isobars and isotherms … and the colors of the sea to make a very recognizable (to their market) visual statement.

KOHLER ARCHITECTS — The Kohler logo builds on a centerline symbol from drawing in combination with a unique but very readable type font. Both vertical (shown) and horizontal versions are used in various ways on the Kohler business system, literature, web site, archtectural drawings, project signs, and more.

INSPIRED LEARNING — This logo for a tutoring company features colorful children’s faces and a slogan tag line. We also assisted in the creation of the company name.

AURORA LUNA— With a graphic representation of the sun, moon, and stars, this logo reflects the name (also our creation) which is a way of saying 24/7 (for the nature of their care).

ASD GLOBAL — This logo is simple and direct, incorporating a graphic cue to the global reach of the company.

SILICON VALLEY PERFORMANCE — This logo reflects the special focus of this auto repair facility …. very high performance sports cars.

MILROY CONSTRUCTION — This logo incorporates a plumb bob and intersecting lines typical of builders’ drawings to create a unique symbol that reflects the focus of this commercial builder