... over a period of more than 20 years, Mike Cobb Creative has successfully and productively served clients in a wide range of market areas. Our experience has given us good understanding of and insight to these areas, which enables us to develop highly effective messaging that gets results. Click on the client names shown in green below to bring up a pdf with examples for the selected market area.

Commercial ... MCC has worked with clients in a variety of commercial markets, including automotive, hotels, restaurants, health care, and consumer products.
Examples: Macara Gardens Apts., Insurance by Castle, Sootheze, Jackson Square Gallery

Professional ... MCC's client list includes professionals in architecture, law, accounting, benefits and services, finance, and more.
Examples: Kohler Architects, Vita, Morton & Assoc., Aurora Luna

Technology ... MCC's very strong work in support of technology clients reflects Mike's advanced degree in Engineering Science and professional work as a high tech marketing manager.
Examples: AWT, EPRI, Sun, Canary Communications, Envision, Lattice 3D

Construction/Real Estate ... MCC has wide experience working with clients in both the commercial and residential real estate/construction markets.
Examples: Strom Properties, David Bower Builders, Mac & Lou, Milroy

Public Sector / Non-profits ... MCC public sector clients have included the cities of Palo Alto, San Carlos, and Daly City. Non-profit clients have included the West Coast Athletic Conference and the Moffett Field Historic Society Museum Mike's long involvement as a recognized commuity leader provides a special insight into this market.
Examples: Daly City, Moffett Field Historic Society Museum, West Coast Conference, Palo Alto, San Carlos